About Us

About Us

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Company, and it is our honor if you own and wear our gear with pride whether you are a veteran or not.

Our co-founders are all Military Veterans who have good understanding about the value and sacrifice of the veterans. Therefore, they came up with a great idea about how people can access and know more about the contribution of the veteran community to the country. As a result, Pridetee Area was created.

Our Mission

With the mission of giving customers the best experience when wearing our shirts, we always focus on researching and creating new designs, so that customers can express their personality, passion, and pride through the shirts they wear.

We always hope that all the veterans feel proud to wear the shirts we made, and also help others understand more about the veterans' sacrifice to the country.

Charities & Support...

We are Honoured and Proud to support (but not limited to) the following Veteran Organizations: The Royal British Legion, The Royal Canadian Legion,...

We not only donate for the Veteran Organizations but we also help the disadvantaged veterans by giving them shirts or special discounts.

Charities & Support